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The main advantage of leveraging our Concierge service is to help your home sell faster and for top dollar. It's statistically proven your results are reflective of the effort you put into preparing your home for the market, from cosmetic renovations and landscaping to staging. 


Our SIDP team will help you determine which services can deliver the greatest return on your investment after an initial consultation. We aim for SIDP Concierge to help as many clients move through the home selling process as smoothly, effectively, and efficiently as possible, maximizing your return on investment. Our forward-thinking program is flexible by design, and we've developed Concierge to offer keen professional guidance, tasteful design offerings, and compatibility with most vendors for your convenience. There are no upfront costs, no service fees, and no interest associated with SIDP Program. The cost of our services is paid for once your home is sold.


We know how personal your home is—it’s likely your largest asset, and selling it can be an emotional experience. So we will guide you into preparing your property to a high standard in appearance and style before listing your property for sale or rent. Coupled with a robust and well-managed marketing strategy, leveraging technology, branding, and know-how, including well-appointed pricing, will set your home apart and ensure a successful sale.

Your home will dominate the digital and traditional marketing channels for optimal exposure in a competitive marketplace with staging and design, strategic marketing, twilight, and professional interior and exterior photography, videography, 3D tours, effective agent outreach, open houses, advertising, and social media presence.


During our consultation, we listen to your needs. We zero in on helping you identify the type of home you envision, and curate a dedicated and customized search according to your criteria. We collaborate with you to have access to homes before they come on the market, off-market opportunities, scheduling and touring properties, and more.

We take immense pride in expertly negotiating on your behalf. We provide you with regular updates to keep you fully invested and informed every step of the way. Our affiliates are the best of the best and are fully equipped to manage your home purchase with attention to detail from coordination of inspections and appraisals to connecting you with highly trusted vendors and coordinating Escrow.


Upon request, we are offering our discrete property marketing services guaranteeing maximum discretion, suitable for owners who prefer their sale goes through a SILENT OFF MARKET process rather than a public sale listing.



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