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Leave your investment in the hands of certified, qualified experts at Spice Islands Dream Properties. We will ensure that your property and its occupants are serviced beyond your expectations.


We guarantee the highest level of quality service, professional and efficient approach to your property management needs while maximizing returns on investments.

Whether you wish to lease out your home / rental property / apartment or villa on either a short-term or long-term basis, or you’re looking for the perfect tenant and need a trusted company to handle all aspects of maintenance and financial matters, we have you covered.

With flexibility and agility in our consultations, we can help create the experience that’s just right for you and then have you rest easy with our tailored property management service.

We provide:

  • Custom Tailored Agreements

  • Monthly Financial Reports

  • Reliable, Convenient, Cost-effective Services

  • Trustworthy, Transparent & Vibrant Professionals

  • Extensive Knowledge & Experience In The Field of Real Estate.

  • Absentee Ownership Property Administrative services


If you need assistance in filling your vacancies, you have come to the right place. we specialize in all aspects of Grenada and its Rental Market including Commercial. Our Exclusive directory also has plenty of qualified tenants.

When you are ready to sell your investment property, you can feel confident that Shalisha and her team will make the transaction as smooth as possible. 



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